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Re: WC 3220DN and Phaser 3300MFP - Network Scan Issues

I have the exact same problem. Has anyone figured this out? Many thanks in advance.

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WC 3220DN and Phaser 3300MFP - Network Scan Issues

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We utilize both the WorkCentre 3220DN and the Phaser 3300MFP in our smaller offices, and we have has recurring issues with both machines at most if not all sites.

The Network Scan option "forgets" the destination name. If we go to the PC, it is the desired machine is still listed. We have to remove the machine from the Network Scan Program, re-add it, and then go back to the scanner. At this time, the desired target will be in the machine again. But eventually, it drops out again.

We have one location where this happens for every single scan job, and others it seems to last a little longer. But it's very frustrating because you cant count on Network Scan working properly the first time.

We have updated firmware on some machines with no change. This problem occurs with both WinXP ProSP3 and Win7Pro machines. All client computers are on the same subnet as their AIO machines.

Any fixes?

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