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rodo_311 Member

WC 3655 Scan to email error (Invalid Hostname)

I have 2 WC 3655s, just one of them is presenting problems with scan to email option. I think that I already tried everything to solved it, but it keep showing the error message "Invalid Hostname" For example:


  • I initialized the nvm network and copier controller.
  • Upgraded from to 073... firmware version. I tried it because the WC 3655 that has the email working had that version, however it didnt make any difference.
  • Both workcentres have the same SMTP configuration (SMTP Server, Port, Email Address, Authentication, Encryption, etc.) using Office 365. I tried with Gmail, same "Invalid Hostname". 
  • Exchanged IP addresses and Hostnames of both devices, hoping that it was a network issue, same "Invalid Hostname". 
  • I did a cloning from the WC 3655 that is working to the other one, same error.
  • I didnt have problems with scan to mailboxes, only with scan to email. 

What could be the problem? Network Card or something from hardware??? Is the software from device corrupted? 


Complete Error Message: "Job error. No message is sent. Network configuration error device (invalid host name). Contact your System Administrator."


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: WC 3655 Scan to email error (Invalid Hostname)

Sounds more like a DNS failure than an SMTP issue.

Check the date and time as well as the DNS setup, it is almost certainly in those 2 places you will find the problem.

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dlennox New Member
New Member

Re: WC 3655 Scan to email error (Invalid Hostname)

It was DNS for me.

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