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rodo_311 Member

WC 4250 Gmail Scanning Issue

Hi, I know that Gmail is making some changes about the encryption with SSL, SHA-2 etc. I would like to know if that its affecting that model in particular. The thing is that Im working with two WC 4250, One has this firmware version = (its working ok with the Gmail SMTP Configuration). The other one has this version = (it doesnt work with de Gmail SMTP configuration). Both printers have the same smtp server (, same port, the same gmail account. The only thing that is different from one to another is the firmware version. Eventhough that the printer that has the spar version firmware, its suppose that has the last version, but it is not working with Gmail. Should I do a downgrade to version and try that? I dont know if I could do that it says this: "Important !!! Once this digitally signed release is installed, the machine CANNOT be downgraded to a...Thanks in advance. 

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: WC 4250 Gmail Scanning Issue

First, check the setting that does not exist in the older firmware, whatever the newer one says now, try the opposite and see if it resolves it. (I would guess that TLS only is the one you would want since gmail tends to not allow Xerox devices on  port 465 but does on 587, which is where the SHA-2 comes into play as well)


Security – This FW includes mitigation of the Poodle and Freak vulnerability by implementing a change to default SSL to off and use TLS only. The "TLS Only" or "Only TLS" checkbox will be enabled by default and will support TLS versions 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0. When choosing the "TLS Only" or "Only TLS" checkbox, all SSL only connections will no longer work.
If “TLS Only” or “Only TLS” is unchecked, the device will use SSL (v1 or v2) and TLS (all versions) simultaneously if needed.

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