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Re: WC 5745 and SMTP problem

Why don't you use Workflow Scanning?

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WC 5745 and SMTP problem

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i have 2 WC 7125 and 2 WC 5745.

i'm using the scan 2 mail feature on the 7125 with no problem:

mail server host:

SMTP port: 587

Communication SMTP - SSL / TLS: STARTTLS


Everything works fine on the WC 7125


In the WC 5745, unfortunately i don't have the possibility to select any communication type, so not possible to add the STARTTLS parameter. the Scan 2 mail is not working. i called the company managing our exchange 2013 server, they say they can't change anything for security reason.


the WC 5745 firmware is the latest i can find:


This is my settings:


some help would be apreciated, actualy we can't use the Scan2Mail feature on these copier...

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