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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: WC 7125 - Scan to Email has stopped working!!!

Based on the facts that the email setting were working after a reboot and the error you are getting is "cannot connect to email server", I think the problem is with your DNS on the server.


I would change the smtp server address to be the ip address of the server and not the host name.


Page 31 in the System Admin Guide explains how to do that (link below)



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WC 7125 - Scan to Email has stopped working!!!

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I am hoping someone will be able to help me out with my current scanning problem.


I have two Xerox Workcentre 7125 copiers.  Each has 71.22.23 firmware installed; I can't find a newer version online so I believe I have the most current firmware.


Both of these copiers were purchased in June 2012 and setup by the local xerox rep at the time.  The scan to email function has always worked well and we depend on the scan function very heavily.  We don't use the network scanning at this time.


Beginning in September we started to receive  an error message when scanning.  The message we would get was (016-764): SMTP Server Conection Error.


The quick fix seemed to be a reboot of the copiers and the server and we would be good in some cases for 3-4 weeks without the issue reoccuring.  We have now reached the point at the beginning of December that this was becoming a daily occurance.


I can't figure out what has happened, whether the error is taking place at the server or the copiers.  I tend to think it may be the server as once the error message has been generated for one email adress all of the email addresses fail.  We have introduced no new equipment to our network and we have a very small office (4 users) so our level of control and security on the equipment is very high.


Our office server is based on Windows 2008 Sever / Mail Exchange platform.  Our copiers are connected to the server through local ethernet cable. 


As I mentioned up top this is not a new installation we had well over 12 months of successful use until we started to get these failures.


Any advise would be greatly apreciated!

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