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BriSully1 New Member
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WC 7535 Scan to Email - Office 365 - Why no Work?

I recently purchased a Workcentre 7535.  The office where it is located does not have a domain or a server - they are all comoputers in a workgroup.  I am trying to send email via Office 365 - Hosted Exchange.  I have tried using an account and a For the life of me, I cannot get email working on it.  


Everytime that I try to test email I get an error - "Unable to send test E-mail.  SMTP Server address is not available."


How can I tell if the copier's DNS settings are correct?  This setup works on all of my HP MFP's, but will not work on this copier.



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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: WC 7535 Scan to Email - Office 365 - Why no Work?

DNS is done in the same place as the IP and other network settings.

CWIS > Properties > Connectivity > Protocols > IP (Internet Protocol) > DNS


For Office 365 servers the time needs to be within 2 minutes of the servers time.


And since they introduces SHA-2 encryption you must have a newer firmware to authenticate.


There is no issue on the later firmware emailing with STARTTLS (Do not use the STARTTLS if available option)


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Support.gla New Member
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Re: WC 7535 Scan to Email - Office 365 - Why no Work?

Hi Joe, 

After following this i still get..


Unable to send test E-mail.

Hostname is not accessible.


i have below in IP

Verified Host Name ********
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