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Bak11 New Member
New Member

WC 7830 - Scan to E-Mail problem

Hi all,


I have a WorkCenter 7830 with the firmware version: and Network Controller version: 073.015.34540.905956v2


What im trying is, after clicking on the E-Mail button on the Touch Screen to remove the "Create individual Entry for address book". But I can not find the setting on the webinterface to disable it. How is that possible.


The other issue is, if I want to scan to e-mail, i change the test of the subject field but than the text in 'file attachment' field does not change automatically. Why is that so?


Thank you in advanced.

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: WC 7830 - Scan to E-Mail problem

at this moment there is no setting to disable the first screen after the press on the email button


subject and attachment, are 2 different variables, to change the attachment, you need to change the "document name" , not the subject

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Bak11 New Member
New Member

Re: WC 7830 - Scan to E-Mail problem

Regarding first point:

I just want to disbale the "add me" button, after clicking on e-mail button. But I dont really know, if there is already a function to disable it.


I did find a workaround regarding the issue with "subject" and "attachement".


If you change the Text of the Subject to "Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Printer" the two variables (subject and attachment) are match. After that, its possible to change the text of subject, and than it also will change the text of the attachement.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: WC 7830 - Scan to E-Mail problem

While I'm still not certain of the prompt you refer to, here are some hints at where to look.

CWIS > Properties > Services > Email > Setup > From Field > Edit



CWIS > Properties > Services > Email > Setup > General > Auto Add Me




And if you have Authentication enabled, it could be tied to the personalization option ala CWIS > Properties > Login / Permissions / Accounting > Personalized Touch UI





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