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Re: WC3210 scanner problem on OpenSUSE

I was able to install the scanner via the usb cable, as a local scanner. But, unfortunately, there is no way of installing the scanner as a network scanner, and sadly, this function is available under windows os. I have checked with the SANE driver compatibility list, and, there it says that this printer has only the function to scan localy, through the usb cable.


I may be missing something, or, there is only support for network printing, but no support for network scanning under Linux, only under windows.

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Re: WC3210 scanner problem on OpenSUSE

Hi Murmunlok,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the following information from the user manual troubleshooting section for Linux. 

Check if the scanner driver for your machine is installed in your system. Open Unified
Driver configurator, switch to Scanners configuration, then press Drivers. Make sure that driver with a name corresponding to
your machine's name is listed in the window.
Check if the port is not busy. Since functional
components of MFP (printer and scanner)
share the same I/O interface (port), the
situation of simultaneous
access of different
“consumer” application to the same port is
possible. To avoid possible conflicts, only
one of them at a time is allowed to gain
control over the device. The other
“consumer” will encounter “device busy”
response. This can usually happen while
starting scan procedure, and appropriate
message box appears.

To identify the source of the problem, you
should open ports configuration and select the
port assigned to your scanner. port's symbol /
dev/mfp0 corresponds to LP:0 designation
displayed in the scanners’ options, /dev/mfp1
relates to LP:1 and so on. USB ports start at /
dev/mfp4, so scanner on USB:0 relates to /dev/
mfp4 respectively and so forth sequentially. In
the Selected port pane you can see if the port is
occupied by some other application. If this is
the case, you should wait for completion of
the current job or should press Release port
button, if you are sure
that the present port's
owner is not functioning properly.

If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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WC3210 scanner problem on OpenSUSE

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Hi. I have recently installed OpenSUSE 13.2. We have WorkCenter 3210, which is multifunctionall network laser printer/scanner/fax.

I installed the printer drivers, and the print function is working fine, over the network. I have installed it as a network printer, with http protocol, I have also installed Unified Driver Configurator, which tells me that there is a network printer, but, there is no scanner, it says: no scanners were identified. I also tried to install the scanner through YaST2, but, no mater which driver i choose, it says: no scanner recognized by this driver. The printer is not connected with the PC, through a USB cable, because i have no use of scanning documents with the priner connected via USB cable.


I have CUPS, SANE backend driver installed.


Under windows, i could do a network scann,and the installation was straight forward, but now, i can not scann via network.  Does the WC3210 supports network scann under Linux, or not? And if it does, then how can i install it?



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