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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: WC7120 enable SSL for scan to email

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What SMTP server are you trying to connect to? ISP, public, private (hosted internal).

If you don't want to display this information publicly visit and use the contact me feature and I will see whats going on.

Things to check:
- Ip address
- subnet mask
- gateway
- DNS address
- domain name
- try the IP or Hostname vise versa for the SMTP server
- try the username with just the username and then try it with the
Thank you,
Jordan R.
Systems Analyst / Consultant
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Re: WC7120 enable SSL for scan to email

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I already try every possible configuration. with authentication, withou it, using IP address, host name, DNS, using smaller files, but I'm always having the error 16-781 (connection fail to the STMP Server).

I also configure a Thunderbird client, using the same values that I introduced into the machine, and it's working ok.
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Re: WC7120 enable SSL for scan to email

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Hi RuiC-Xerox


I already update the WC7120 firmware version. so I can use SSL/TLS encryption on my SMTP setup.


Do you have any experience with STARTTLS setup? I'm trying to configure the SMTP service with this encryption.


Do I need a certificate? or something extra, besides the SMTP protocol configuration.


Maybe you had something that can help us with this.


Best Regards


Alvaro Rugama Cerda

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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: WC7120 enable SSL for scan to email

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Hi alvarorugam,


The feature you are looking for is deployed with access menus on firmware version 71.13.41.

The version you have is the launch version. There is already a general release for this device 71.21.21, this is available for download from Please make sure to fully ready/understand the content of the release notes documentation.


After upgrade, you should haave the ssl features for smtp. Properties > Protocols > SMTP.





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WC7120 enable SSL for scan to email

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Hi everyone


I was reading that the only devices that allow me to use SSL for the scan to email options, are the 4260, 4150 and 7120.


I'm trying to setup the SMTP option on the WC7120 CenterWare Internet Services, but can't find the SSL option to enable it.


Can anyone help me?


I'm running this software version:


System                    71.3.1

Controller ROM        1.201.5

IOT ROM                  4.21.0

ADF ROM                7.6.50

SJFI                         3.0.14

SSMI                        1.13.0


Best Regards

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