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Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: WC7525 cannot scanning to Window 7 Ultimate shared folder.

yes, thats a bug, call xerox and ask for this firmware, since its not on the xerox website yet


they included that unknow error

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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

WC7525 cannot scanning to Window 7 Ultimate shared folder.

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I have WC 7525 connect to workgroup network. No domaiin.  Static IP on PC.  using "PCName\Local user name" as user name. No domain setup on 7525. C:\SCAN and C:\Users\XeroxScan are created and share to everyone, administrator and one local user account.

1. The default repository set to IP address

2. Share set to scan

3. Default Repository Login Credentials set to system and "PCName\administrator"


The error is "error unknown" when scan to c:\scan


If change setting to "Share" set to Users and "Default Repository Document Path" to "XeroxScan." the error message on the print out become "'login fail' please check user password or setup.


Any body knows anything about how to solve the authentication or any setup trick to make Xerox setting works.

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