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Re: WC7855 Outputs Randomly Poor SCAN.PDF



yes thats a known issue , what happens is that the machine is not picking up the templaes settings, and the scan is produced at 72dpi


its fixed i a newer firmware, best to contact your local dealer for it

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WC7855 Outputs Randomly Poor SCAN.PDF

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We have a brand new 7855 set up to scan to a local computer using SMB. It outputs a file using the default name of DOC and PDF output. There were no issues during setup and testing produced excellent scans.


Customer is reporting that randomly the device will output a file called SCAN.PDF instead of DOC.PDF and that the quality of the scan is very poor. They have not been able to detect a patern. The quality of the document being scanned in is very clean. The output looks like a very poor fax. The scan settings are 300x300dpi with medium file size medium compression. The users are not changing any of the settings. They are just putting their documents in the feeder and hitting start to scan.


Anyone have any history of a device randomly outputting a file named SCAN.PDF with poor quality?

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