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WC7855PT - Copying SEF onto Tray 3/4 Tandem trays

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Hi - I searched through the admin guide and forums.  I read that there is an auto image rotate feature and enabled it.  It didnt work.  Here's what the end user wants


Feed 8.5x11 paper SEF in the ADF (or place orginal in landscape position on the glass).

Have the copier run the copying through trays 3/4 (LEF or portrait position), rather than dedicate another tray for 8.5x11 SEF


Copy jobs are erroring out with "required resources needed", 8.5x11 SEF.


I thought auto image rotate would take the 8.5 x 11 image and rotate it so that LEF paper trays could be used to print the image.


Any advice on what feature to use?





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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WC7855PT - Copying SEF onto Tray 3/4 Tandem trays

What they want to happen is exactly how the copier works, which means they have something else that is conflicting with it.


So recheck that Auto rotate is on exactly like this in Machine Status > Tools > Service Settings > Copy Service > Auto image rotation...




And that the copy settings are not different than this (Just to verify it works and eliminate conflicts)










And if all is right and it still wont work you could try updating firmware, but this issue is not listed as being an issue ever in any version, so this step is just "throwing things at the wall until something sticks" troubleshooting.

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Joe Arseneau
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