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Re: Will not print


From the VersaLink System Administrators Guide is information on Setting the Default Paper Size as well as the option for Setting up Fax Forward to email: 

Setting the Default Print Paper Size
The Default Print Paper Size setting specifies the paper size if any of the following circumstances
• The print job specifies a paper tray that either does not exist or that has failed.
• The print job specifies a paper size that is unknown or that is not supported.
• The print job does not specify any paper size.
You can specify the default paper size for Letter or A4.
To configure the default paper size:
1. In the Embedded Web Server, log in as administrator, then click System→Defaults and Policies.
2. In the Common area, click Default Print Paper Size.
3. Select an option, then click OK.

Configuring the Fax Settings at the Control Panel
1. At the printer control panel, press the Home button.
2. Touch Device→Apps→Fax.
3. To configure Secure Receive:
• Touch Secure Fax Receive.
• To toggle Secure Fax Receive from Off to On, touch the Secure Fax Receive toggle button.
• Enter a 4-digit passcode, then touch OK.
4. To set incoming call handling, select one of the following:
• To set the printer to receive all incoming calls as faxes, touch Receive Mode→Immediately
Auto Answer Fax, then touch OK.
• To answer calls manually, touch Receive Mode→Manually→Answer→Fax, then touch OK.
5. To configure how faxes are forwarded:
• Touch Fax Forwarding→Fax Forwarding.
• Select Receive Only, Send Only, or Send & Receive.
• Touch Add Email, then use the touch screen keypad to enter an email address, or select a
contact from the AddressBook.
• To add a subject line, touch Subject, enter your subject line text, then touch OK.
• To add a filename for attachments, touch Attachment, then enter a file name.
6. To change the file format for attachments, touch the current format extension, then select a new
Note: The default file format is .pdf.
7. To save the settings, touch OK.

I hope this helps.

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New Member

Will not print

Product Name: VersaLink B7025/B7030/B7035
Operating System: Not Specified

My printer is throwing a fault code 024-985 from an incoming fax that is requiring A4 paper. I do not have any A4 paper so therefore I want to delete the job in order to restore the machines functions. Because nothing works because of the code. The machine will not let me delete the job. When I try deleting a pop up screen comes up asking me to load A4 paper into the bypass tray. All help would be appreciated because my small 3 person office is currently in a pickle.

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