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de100671 New Member
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Work Centre 6515 DNI Scanning returns askewed results

I just bought a Work Centre 6515 which is really great. The only thing disturbing is that scans are askew. They are tilted a few degrees to the right. (Maybe 3 - 5 degrees). While this is not really a killer, it is not nice and doesn't look professional.


Haven't found anything regarding the hardware:


1. If I scan without the ADF and put a sheet directly on the glass, everything's perfect.

2.. Sometimes it takes documents from the ADF and scans them really nice.

3. Very often it returns askewed results (3 -5 degrees to the right).

4. The ADF works really well, so even if scanning papers that have been folded before. 


What can I do?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Work Centre 6515 DNI Scanning returns askewed results

Honestly , I would return it.


The only way for it to skew is for the paper to feed crooked through the ADF, which is why the scan on the platten works fine

ADF scan, paper moves, light stays still

Platten scan, paper stays still , light moves


Cause of the paper moving crooked are multiple:

1. The paper gets picked up improperly by the feed roller.$69 gamble there, and on a new machine, probably simpler/cheaper to just trade it back to Xerox as defective

2. The Paper guides are not holding the paper properly



3. Thin paper that kind of folds up instead of laying flat while feeding so it goes in crooked.


But no matter the scenario, it has to be hardware based, because there certainly isn't a check box enabled/available that will skew a job through the ADF/DADF , and when a new machine has a hardware problem, I always advise its return, because you should not have to buy parts for a new device, and hardware problems always have a cost.

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bryan3of10 New Member
New Member

Re: Work Centre 6515 DNI Scanning returns askewed results

This is depressing. Too late for me to return mine. My skewing issue was minor at first and seems to be getting worse. It skews on both ADF and platten. Very disappointing since I convinced my husband to get a "good" printer this time around. We do a lot of scanning and I'm tired of manually doing each scan.

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Technical Escalation User DavidX28897-xrx
Technical Escalation User

Re: Work Centre 6515 DNI Scanning returns askewed results

There is a deskew kit for this product. I install at every service call.  If its under 1 year old put it up for service at Xerox's expense. This is for all A4(desktop) printers. 

There is no backstop in the feeder's input tray to square the paper on these little printers. The kit adjusts the side guides so they can't open wide enough to allow the paper to feed skewed. This kit is for letter/legal sized paper. After the kit is installed you can't feed A4 sized paper. 

Alternativly open and close the guides flush to the paper every time you copy/scan. Or put a fresh letter/legal sized page in the feeder, close the guides flush to it, and shim the back guide to the frame with something so it can't open further.


zimma Member

Re: Work Centre 6515 DNI Scanning returns askewed results

I have the exact same problem on my C405DN. Xerox replaced the entire ADF mechanism after 2 weeks of use which appeared to work when the engineer was there, but days later, scans coming out skewed again. I may try support again. It very much depends on how you put the paper in the tray. If i look overhead and make sure the page is square to the printer it comes out straight. I can push the page just ever so slightly skewed to one side, snug the paper guides up (which doesnt move the page, as it is just a single page it deforms the page before it realigns it), then the scan is very skewed. With big stacks of paper, when you can really tighten up the guides against the stack of papers, you can get it straight enough most of the time, but scanning single sheets is very hit and miss.

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zimma Member

Re: Work Centre 6515 DNI Scanning returns askewed results

Just to follow up, I called tech yesterday regarding my C405DN

Xerox now inform me that they have redesigned the ADF mechanism to get rid of the wonky scans for the C405, and I will have it fitted next week. Perhaps if you are still suffering, give tech another call.

The WorkCentre 6515 looks to share the same ADF mechanism with the C405DN.

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