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WorkCenter 6027--IP address and WiFi

I'm trying to install a WorkCentre 6027 and have run into two problems with connecting it to a wireless network.


First, I can't find the printer's IP address anywhere (which apparently I need to get into the software that controls the printer). When I print the Configuration page, it shows up as Somewhere in the manual, it says to wait two minutes and try again, but that doesn't seem to work.


Second, the printer won't connect to my wireless network. It does see the network, but after I enter the network password, the printer refuses to connect. No other devices on the network have this problem.


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Re: WorkCenter 6027--IP address and WiFi

Possibly you could set the IP address manually.


Assigning the IP Address Automatically

NOTE: If authentication is enabled, users may be required to enter a passcode to access printer features. If prompted, enter the passcode using the keypad and select OK.

  1. Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel.
  2. Select [Tools] on the Touch Screen.
  3. Select [Admin Settings] > [Network].
  4. Select [Ethernet] > [TCP/IP] > [Get IP Address].
  5. To configure the printer to get an IP address from the server automatically or set its own IP address, select an option:
    • DHCP/AutoIP: You can set a random IP address range of to that is not currently in use on the network. The network mask is set as

      NOTE: For best results in most networks, select DHCP/AutoIP.

    • BOOTP: You can obtain an IP address from a BOOTP server that does not respond to DHCP requests.
    • RARP: You can obtain an IPv4 address from an administrative host server.
    • Panel: You can set the IP address manually from the printer Control Panel.
  6. Select [OK].


And the not connecting just sounds like the wrong encryption type is chosen so it is failing, which would of course mean it gets no IP address.



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Joe Arseneau
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