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Re: WorkCentre 245 fax confirmations

HI, Kellyk!


I think this is what you're looking for:


  1. Press the [Access] or [Access A] button on the Control Panel to enter the Tools Mode. The Login screen will be displayed.

  2. Enter your password using the numeric keypad on the Control Panel, and then select [Enter] on the Touch Screen. The Pathway Options screen will be displayed.

    NOTE: The default password is 1111. The password will be displayed as an asterisk (*). If you make a mistake, press the [Clear (C)] button on the Control Panel and re-enter the password. To cancel the operation, press the [Cancel] button. If you are experiencing problems with your password or have forgotten your password, contact your administrator.

  3. If the Internal Auditron is not enabled, select the [Go To Tools] button. If the Internal Auditron is enabled, select the [Tools Pathway] button.
  4. Select the [System Settings] button.
  5. Select the [More] button.
  6. Select the [Job Sheet] button. The Job Sheet screen will be displayed.
  7. Select the [Fax Status Sheet] button. The Fax Status Sheet screen will be displayed.
  8. Select one of the following required options:
    • Off: No Status Sheet is printed.
    • On: The Status Sheet is printed each time a fax job is sent.
    • On Error: The Status Sheet is printed for failed jobs only.
  9. Select the [Save] button.
  10. Select the [Exit Tools] button.

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WorkCentre 245 fax confirmations

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My WorkCentre 245 USED TO give me fax confirmation sheets, but no longer does..... where/how do I change it so that it gives me those confirmations again?


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