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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WorkCentre 255 Pro - Remote Directory Lock Failed SMB network scanning on Server 2012 R2

I dont think the device is capable of scanning SMB to Server 2012 due to SMB3 being used.

You may need to switch it to FTP and set that to the same folder server side.


Failing that you can try:

1. Inside the shared folder delete any file ending in .lck

2. Verify the document apth and make sure there are no added /'s

3. Delete and recreate the share on the server

4. Make sure the share is shared, and not dependant on upper levels.

(If on a PC click Start and in the Search Programs and Files box type "\\IP of server" and verify the folder you have as the share shows up without having to click to a subfolder



For server 2008 there was also this, might be worth a try:


Devices are unable to authenticate when customers use Microsoft Server 2008 and require NTLM version 2 protocol

Special Instructions

1.   Configure Windows 2008 network access to require NTLM version 2

2.   Select the WC printer hidden printer web page <deviceIPaddress>/diagnostics/NTLMSecurity.dhtml                               enter a check mark in the box provided, accept this change.



And there is one newer firmware than yours, it is the final firmware for the device.

The SPAR Software is located here:

The SPAR Release code is: WCP232Spar

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Joe Arseneau
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WorkCentre 255 Pro - Remote Directory Lock Failed SMB network scanning on Server 2012 R2

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I installed the DLM scan far as I know I have the most updated firmware but I just get the error message remote directory lock failed. All credentials are right.


Any help would really be appreciated!

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