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WorkCentre 3225 Fax problems



Am having a really hard time with fax receiving and sending. The service is not stable and one day it works the other it doesn't.

As I am a telecom engineer I understand that this might be problem with the phone line. So we called our provider and had a check up to the line. Clear without noise or errors. I then replace the phone cable. Still the same result. One day fax works, the other it doesn't.


We called the provider for 2nd itme. They asked us to disable the error correction and set the fax speed to 9600 Kbps . I was able to find the ECM Mode and disable it.  But I wasn't able to find out how to change the fax speed transmission.


I looked all the menus, but I couldn't find such an option. I was wondering if there is a "hack" or something so we can change the speed as requested to this value. Maybe a firmware update solve this problem ??


Please advise as I am really having a hard time. Faxes are common task for our business



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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WorkCentre 3225 Fax problems

You want ECM mode on, not off (it stands for Error Correct Mode)

When ECM is set to On, the printer attempts to correct errors in the fax transmission caused by problems such as a noisy telephone line.


The fax modem is 33.6kbps only (Page 257)



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Joe Arseneau
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