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WorkCentre 3315 - Network Scan Not Found

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Hello –


We have several WC 3315 machines in our office. They have been seen up on our network so our employees can all scan to their PCs. However, from time to time, some users' machines disappear from the "Network Scan > Scan To" list.


The fix is easy enough:

* Open up Easy Printer Manager > Scan to PC Settings

* Disable scanning from Device Panel > Save

* Enable Scan from Device Panel > Accept Name > Save


The machine is now back on the list of Network Scan options. It's easy enough to fix, but it happens frequently (3-5 times a week per machine, times 3 machines), I cannot find a common thread, nor am I able to reproduce the problem (other than "wait for it"). All machines are Win7 boxes. What else can I check to keep these machines on the Scan To list without having to keep disabling / enabling the device panel option?


Thanks in advance,

– Matt


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