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Re: WorkCentre 3325 group email will not work

Thanks, but it didn't work. We've engaged second level on this one too and no success.
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Re: WorkCentre 3325 group email will not work



Try disabling the auto send to self option by doing as following.


Access Centreware Internet Services:


NOTE: To find the IP Address of the printer, print a Configuration Report.


  1. Open a web browser from the computer.
  2. In the URL field, type http:// followed by the IP Address of the printer.

    For example, if the IP Address is, enter the following into the URL field:
  3. Press [Enter] on the keyboard to view the Home page. The CWIS options for the printer will be displayed.


Disable Auto Send to Self:


  1. Click [Login].
  2. Enter the Administrator User Name and Password in the fields provided.

    NOTE: The default username is "admin" and the default password is "1111".
  3. Click [Properties].
  4. Click [Scan]. It is located under [Machine Settings] in the menu on the left.
  5. Click [Scan To E-Mail].
  6. Click to remove the check mark in the [Auto Send To Self] checkbox.
  7. Click the [Apply] Button.

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WorkCentre 3325 group email will not work

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Aloha,  I've configured my address book with multiple email groups.   If I attempt to send an email to one of these groups through the walk up UI, I continually receive a 'group not available' message' after selecting my desired group from the address book.  


Firmware is current


SMTP is configured

from address entered

Individual emails have been created in the address book

Email groups established contain addresses from the address book


Is there another step in creating a group listing?   Lists appear in the address book, they are selectable, but I continue to receive an error message when attempting to send. 


Any help is appreciated. 




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