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Re: WorkCentre 3325 scan to email issue with new firmware

Hello DanielSM.


Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please check your default email settings in the CentreWare Internet Services to make sure you have auto send to self enabled.  Please take a look at this solution for specifics.  If this does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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WorkCentre 3325 scan to email issue with new firmware

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We have incorporated many WorkCentre 3325's into our business here, and we have found with the newer firmware versions ( and up) that stores can no longer "email themselves" copies. 


For instance, an older firmware version at, a person could select the option "email", click "OK" on "from address" (to select their pre-input email address) and press "OK" button again on "to address" to send the email to themselves only. 


This newer firmware forces the uses to the select a "to address", and they have to enter into address book, and upon selecting themselves, it doesn't allow them to. 


They're being emailed a copy of each scanned email regardless, but now the "enter" option on "to address" no longer works. Is there any resolution to this? 


Thank you,


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