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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: WorkCentre 3550 Scanning on restricted user accounts.



I could suggest you to create an exception to UAC rule and make application not to be affected by it.

I have not test this in my lab so I am not sure of the behaviour.

  1. Configure UAC
  2. Disable UAC for certain applications

You will see the relevant info is not on the first pharagraph, therefore I advise a good read through first.



Rui Cabral

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New Member

WorkCentre 3550 Scanning on restricted user accounts.

Product Name: WorkCentre 3550



We recently purchased a WorkCentre 3550 for one of our offices and while the machine itself works great, we have been hitting a wall when trying to use the Network scanning functionality for our users.The issue is that whenever the machines are rebooted (every night per our GP) and the user logs back into a fresh session, they are prompted for Administrator privileges to open the Network scan utility. Since they do not have that ability, they cannot scan unless someone from IT manually does it for them.


We are using Windows 7 Professional x64. Central management of scanning functions is currently not possible.


I have tried numerous ways of getting it to work, including:


- Using Task Scheduler to run the NSCSysUI_Xerox.exe at user logon using the local Administrator account. While this does initialize the instance of the software, it does so under the Admin account itself - the software never shows up for the actual user.

- Giving the user full rights permissions to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Xerox folder where the files lie. Still nothing.

- Setting the NSCSysUI_Xerox.exe to always run as Administrator under the Compatibility tab of the Properties screen. Still nothing.


I have been researching the issue for the better part of the last few days and have had little success in getting much information. The best of the suggestions is to disable UAC entirely - something we will not do due to obvious reasons, both from security and management reasons. Even assigning users to the Power Users group will not allow the program to run.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.





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