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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: WorkCentre 5775 Scan to Network Folder Issue


because this seems to be intermittent, I would not assume any problem with device configuration.

This also means that a bit more monitoring will be required, since you can not replicate the issue.


Are you able to spot a timestamp when this happens, retry the scan job and look at the job status queue on the printer to monitor the status on the job? If it complete processing, transfering and is flagged as completed.

While doing this, monitor the destination repository, sequencially pressing F5 to refresh the folder. The goal is to understand if any temp file/folder is created on the repository. This can also me done with a monitoring tool, but Xerox does not provide any troubleshoot tool like this, so you would have to go look for one.


let us know of the results.

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New Member
New Member

WorkCentre 5775 Scan to Network Folder Issue

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We have 3 WorkCentre 5775 units where randomly but often items scanned do not appear in the network folder and need to be rescanned. We have not noticed a pattern of when this happens. We do a lot of scanning and often with documents which have 100 or more pages. We have contacted service and so far they have been unable to resolve the issue. What do you suggest I try to resolve this issue?

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