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Re: WorkCentre 6515: Scan to email _stopped_ working

Hello OldGuyInTheClub, 

I see on one has been able to answer your question, I would suggest calling into our support department for assistance. 

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WorkCentre 6515: Scan to email _stopped_ working

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: macOS 10.14 - Mojave

Scan to email worked for a very long time on my WorkCentre 6515 and suddenly stopped a couple of days ago. 

I've checked similar threads and tried a number of things with no improvement.

As far as I know, nothing changed on the 6515 but here are some observations:

1) Scan to email accepts a destination address and scans.  Clicking on Done results in an error attributed to an SMTP error: "Completed with an error (027-504) Invalid SMTP server's response"
2) SMTP is properly configured on the web interface with obscured password
3) SMTP on the 6515 shows no password, even obscured.  
- Server, port (465), and method (SSL/TLS) are unchanged from before
- Authenticating email address shows correctly on the 6515, but no obscured password (see above)
- This is a personally owned domain hosted on Rackspace email, not Gmail or similar service
- The  server, port, and method settings work on all my other IMAP clients across multiple devices.  I can send mail from my laptop, phone, etc. through the exact same SMTP server with the same settings, email address, and password
- I can enter the password on the 6515 panel and test the connection.  I get a check mark and the link shows as Tested
- As soon as I click OK, the link shows as Not tested before going back to the previous screen
4) I have restarted the unit multiple times when prompted to do so after changing parameters.  I have also powered it off and on
5) Wifi to the 6515 still works and I can use my iMac/Preview to scan documents so the scanner is still alive and well
6) The problem is not due to the destination email address
7) Tried suggestions in although it is for a different model, the error code and symptoms are the same
- No fix
8) Again, scan to email worked a couple of days ago.  This ostensible SMTP problem just came up

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