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Re: WorkCentre 6515 : a disappointment for scanning ?

hopefully you figured out but I just spent some time with it and you have to open the "Windows Fax and Scan" app to initiate the scan feature to get the documents to your desktop. Not sure how this works on a network ( I am working on a single interface). Ignore the scan apps on the 6515 itself. Put the papers in the ADF, open the app click "new scan" and you are off an running.

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Re: WorkCentre 6515 : a disappointment for scanning ?

VueScan will work to scan from Mojave to the 6515. It is $40 and we are thinking about buying the software as an interim fix.

I could not find a less expensive alternative.
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Re: WorkCentre 6515 : a disappointment for scanning ?

Dear Xerox-Community, der Xerox support team,

I own a Xerox WorkCentre 6515 dni and I am satisfied so far. The only problem is the scanning functionality working under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS just as the forum member before me described. The specifications said the printer supported Linux but the user guide simply skips the chapter scanning under linux.  Printing works fine via Network (wireless) and I can ping the printer (assigned static IP). As written before, tests with SimpleScan, Xsane, Gscan2pdf and others were not successfull to scan to PC, even after making sure that the drivers offered by Xerox for Ubuntu have successfuly been installed (rebooted as well). The only thing that seemed to work was VueScan, yet this is a third party commercial product and not really cheap considering a simple over the network scan once in a while.

Dear Xerox support team, what kind of scanning app is recommended? What can I do to make this work? Has there been some progress as compared to the last post here or is scanning over network for linux supported at all?


Thank you,

Best regards


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Re: WorkCentre 6515 : a disappointment for scanning ?

Hi ZeroxPenguin,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed.  Please consider contacting our Customer Relations group to see if they can help you find a acceptable resolution to the issues you have with the printer. 

Community Manager

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WorkCentre 6515 : a disappointment for scanning ?

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Linux

Hi everyone,

After my older MFP printer died, I decided to get a new one and after some reading, I thought the WorkCentre 6515 DNI would fit my needs. 

It should be connected to my desktop computer with Ethernet and a computer driven by Linux Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS and kernel 4.15.x). 

My needs are small enough I think : decently fast printing ( I don't print that much, but when I do I often need 200 pages to get out pretty quickly...) and hasslefree scanning. This last thing is the reason I have choosen the WorkCentre 6515 because it is announced that it is possible to scan to cloud directly as the printer is advertised as "compatible with cloud". 

So far, this device has been nothing but a disappointment at least for scanning. Here are the reasons why : 

- 1°) direct scan to computer : opening some scanning software (simple scan in Linux) simply doesn't work. The printer is not compatible with SANE it seems, and as such, there is no way to get it detected by the scanning software... Not a suprise, but still... And anywyas, I don't really care, as long as I have alternative solutions such as "Scan to network" or "Scan to cloud"...

- 2°) Scan to cloud ? Really ? Just for all people reading this to know, even though the printer is advertised as "compatible with cloud services", that is not the truth. It is possible to scan to cloud services like Google Drive... BUT you can only do that by using your smartphone, and not directly from the printer. That is more than a disapointment : I think it is deceiptive advertisement on Xerox's part... So that works, but not as seamlessly as you can hope !

3°) Scan to network. As said in the support pages, I created a shared folder on my computer. I then configured the SMB set-up to scan to that folder. The folder is detected by the printer. But as soon as I try to scan to that folder, I get an error message (nd by the way, a printed error page that I haven't found how to disable !) because "You have no permissions to write to that folder". Really ? I entered the Login/Password of the computer user that OWNS the folder... But that does not work. To make it work, I have to enable ALL USERS with read/write permissions on the folder, but alos on all folders on the path to that folder... So basically, evryone having access to that area of my computer can read and write all of my files... and of course delete them should he wish to do so. I consider that a MAJOR SECURITY FLAW...


So the question is : what are the 2 best options to scan to the computer ? Well, in the decreasing order of practicality : 

- 1°) Scan to USB : work,s but rather slow and requires to plug in the USB stick, scan to it, unplug it from scanner, plug it to computer and copy the desired file ; 

- 2°) Scan to network if you don't care about security or if you create a specific "Xerox" user where you only send scanned documents and nothing else and move them at once ; 

- 3°) Scan to E-mail and enter your own mail address... But that isn't trivial to do and you may end up trashing the thing because it asks you to "connect" to add a user and then each time you modifiy a simple setting, requires the device to be rebooted, which make the set-up quite complicated...


So all in all, I now own the device since one day, and I already merely regret that buy. This was my first attempt with Xerox and is likely to be the last. Xerox was know for it's quite deceiptive commercial pratices 20 years ago. It seems some things do not really change. Too bad...


Hope this helps and will stay online long enough to enlighten other potential users. 


Best regards. 


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