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Re: WorkCentre 7545 - Scan to (Dropped) Email

Hi, Bruce!


I suggest you have a look at THIS.

And see if that helps, and also have a look at the max size for gmail.



Best Regards


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WorkCentre 7545 - Scan to (Dropped) Email

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I am currently at work, PDFing architecture journals.  They are 11x17" two-page spreads, full color, printed originals, at 300dpi and with OCR searchability.


The Scan to Email feature works well, until I surpass a certain number of segments.  Then, I get no message.  I have waited for hours, anticipating a larger file size would take longer.  However, I then scanned in relatively shorter documents, and received them via email instantly.


My colleagues assure me that the machine can handle documents that surpass at least 30 segments. My documents average around 40 segments.  Twice now, I have carefully scanned in complete journals, only to have them completely dropped.


Is there information available providing maximum segment numbers, depending on file size?

Does the limit even exist?


Currently, I am scanning in pieces of documents and combining them in the computer.  I will look into gmail's maximum size for an attachment (I think 25MB, which may explain things).  I will also look into firmware upgrades.


If anyone has any info, or inkling, toward a solution I would <3 you much! 

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