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Technical Escalation Support
Technical Escalation Support

Re: WorkCentre 7545 - Scanning to e-mail issue for users logged in



When you are using login credentials, like equitrac, and you want the Xerox to use the multifunction from address you need to turn off the personalization option (Screen Shot Attached).


However If you turn off personalization your scan to home will no longer work, so if you are doing scan to home then the option you are looking for is not available.


The second option you are asking about to have the reply go to someone other than the sender is not available and to my knowledge can't be done as when you hit reply from any email program it just picks up the senders address.




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WorkCentre 7545 - Scanning to e-mail issue for users logged in

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We currently have a Xerox Workcentre 7545 copier and have an issue with some users when scanning to e-mail: 

  • We configured our company SMTP server settings with an e-mail address to send secure e-mails
  • When users log into the copier with their code(we are using Equitrac for print tracking) they click the "Add Me" button to add their e-mail address to the list
  • The copier then sends the e-mail to the user's e-mail account FROM their e-mail address instead of the one we set up
  • Since we have a lot of users that have non-company e-mail address (Yahoo, Gmail, and other companies) some of them are not able to receive the e-mail because their mail server is picking it up as spoofing

How can we do the following:

For example:

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