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Re: WorkCentre EC7856 Workflow Scanning Issues

this link helped me solved my issue:

The old MFD, for the username it had it like this:


For this new MFD, the username must be entered with this format:


WorkCentre EC7856 Workflow Scanning Issues

Product Name: WorkCentre EC7836/EC7856
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I have a WorkCentre EC7856 that just replaced another MFD.  The problem is that I cannot get workflow scanning to work.

It can print, it can fax, but cannot scan.

We use workflow scanning to scan documents to a local file server.

We have another WorkCentre on a different LAN that works perfectly the same way as described above.

I’ve logged into both and compared them, side by side and still cannot get it to work.

Under ‘File Repository Setup’ when I do a Destination Test, it pings successfully but it fails server authentication.

I’ve reviewed the event log on the server and it shows successful logins, keep in mind, the old MFD was working perfect, so I know on the server side I’m good.

I’m breaking my head and can’t figure it out, any help at all is truly appreciated!

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