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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Workcentre 5335 Auto-Redial Fax?


From what I know ther are 2 NVM settings, one for number of times of auto dials ( from 0 t0 9) and one for redial interval (per 1 minute), but they make part fom Diagnostic mode wich is Xerox confidential so you need a Xerox tech rep or a Service Manual.


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Workcentre 5335 Auto-Redial Fax?

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Hi All,


Super quick question. We've got a Workcentre 5335 in the office, and the spec sheet for it says it supports auto-redial. However, when we send faxes and the other end is busy, we just get the error report and it never reattempts the send; we just have to resend it manually later. And when we go into the Fax Settings on the machine as administrator, there doesn't seem to be any options for setting auto-redial attempts or redial intervals or anything of the like.


I've been through both the user guide and the system administrator guide for the 5335 and neither of them touch on redialling. A Google search turned up nothing either.


It seems like such a simple thing for the fax to have. Did the spec sheet mislead us? Does the 5335 not support auto-redial of faxes? Or are we just missing something?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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