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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: Workcentre 7435 Fax Receipt Ringer/Alert/alarm?


You can change the Line Monitor volume, but not sure if works when you receive a fax. Please follow these steps to increase the volume


Any way, you have a few more things you can do:

- change the output tray where your faxes are outputted.

- Change the paper input tray. If you have 4 trays, you can set one of then to pink or blue paper or any color, then load a colored paper in it. This way is easier to see if there is a fax printed specially it you set the output tray to the left one.

- You also can set fax forward to email. This way you get the faxes also on your email box. Follow these steps.



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New Member
New Member

Workcentre 7435 Fax Receipt Ringer/Alert/alarm?

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We just got our Workcentre 7435 set up to send and recieve faxes.   Nothing fancy. Just manually sending/recieving. 
However, we're finding that faxes are...well... speaking in. The machine doesn't ring and there's no sign at all of when a fax is being recieved. 

Is there a way to turn on the recieving ringer? Set an alarm when a fax comes in?

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