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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Workcentre 7545 Workflow Scanning failing - no error

Do a Wireshark trace of the scan and see where it goes.


My stab-in-the-dark guess would be that the new Router has a different IP than the old one, so the gateway on the printer is now incorrect, or DHCP is on and something else is using the same IP as the Windows 7 PC. But those are obviously guesses.


If the printer shows the job as completed in the Job Status > Completed Jobs screen, that message comes from a confirmation via SMB to the share. Which means the job should be somewhere.


Port 445 is the right one though, not 139.


Make sure you are scanning by IP address and not host name, because the host name may not be registered in DNS on the new LAN.

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Joe Arseneau
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Workcentre 7545 Workflow Scanning failing - no error

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Everything working fine until a couple of weeks ago when the router was swapped out. Actually, there were no issues until 2-3 days AFTER the router installation and then workflow scanning stopped working. The cient called Xerox and they essentially said it was a firewall issue. It does seem logical since it is the only thing that changed (although it was not immediate and of course the router should not be stopping internal traffic). The new router purchases is an ASUS RT-AC5300. Pretty much a default installation... no special settings. I did try turning off the firewall and this did not resolve the issue. Fixed the time on it, as it was wrong. Toggled a couple of other advanced settings but nothing. Also, nothing in the router logs at all when a scan is sent.


When it fails there is no error. It appears to work and shows success on the printer... however, the scan never shows up. Checked permissions and the share (which is on an Windows 7 workstation) is accessible from anywhere. I have tried port 139 and 445 and the symtoms are the same.


I'm stumpped... any suggestions?



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