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Workcentre 7835 Login Error & Not Responding To Scan To Network Destination After Mavericks Upgrade

We have a Workcentre 7835 that after the Mavericks Upgrade we had in the office for the server, has not properly allowed any scans when moved to the filepath set to actually complete successfully. We keep getting a "deleted job" and login error that only prints the error or config page, instead of call up the actual scan placed in the filepath. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated!!!

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Workcentre 7835 Login Error & Not Responding To Scan To Network Destination After Mavericks

Change the Mac to use FTP instead of SMB then change the copier file repository to use the new setti...


Apple keeps changing the rules for SMB/AFP, then Xerox needs to change their firmware to match the new settings, which leads to the user needing to call up for Spar Firmware every time scan breaks.


The new Xerox firmware is here for your 7835, install it only if your current firmware starts with 072, if it starts with 071 call Xerox and have a tech upgrade it via the "Altboot no data backup, no clone" method, but beware, this will wipe every setting off the machine and make it like it was brand new right out of the box, everything you ever did will be erased. Which is another reason to just stick to FTP when using Macs, and remember, even if you fix it now, 10.11 is set to go out as a preview in June 2015 (one month) and the full release should be this fall, which will likely change things for scan again. And going by previous updates 10.6.8/10.8/10.9 and 10.10, will also bring with it some print problems as well.



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