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Workflow Scanning jobs keep getting deleted

Device: WC7845 Firmware: We have recently upgraded the FW on this device and when attempting use the workflow scanning it deletes the jobs rather than sending them to the relevent location on the network. This will happen to single page documents and multipage documents. Currently its set to scan at 300dpi. The only way the workflow scanning will be successfull if when i set it to 72dpi which is no good as the quality of extremely poor It's almost as the device does not have the memory to process the jobs. We have several identical devices with same firmware which work fine.
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Re: Workflow Scanning jobs keep getting deleted

the message is get is Failure Transfering Job to network server. The strange thing is, if i get some sheets of A4 and write in pen a number on the page, this will scan fine, even 6 or 7 pages at a time.
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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Workflow Scanning jobs keep getting deleted

can you maybe make a clone from a working machine? and restore it to the non working machine?

best practice is to make clone files and restore it to machines with the same firmware level

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