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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: XEROX 7830 Fax to SMB Problem

You don't put anything in the path, doing so means an automatic failure.

The machine works in the order you put the info. It is not redundant, and you only have an IP and a share, the path would be beyond the share (sub folders). What you are doing is telling it to go to the IP, then the folder, then the Hostname, then the folder again, so it fails


This is all you need to have




And this isn't an old printer, it doesn't do old NETBIOS over TCP/IP or old SMB1, username formatting is critical. It doesn't matter how you get there from Windows, it doesn't matter how your old printers do it, confirm the username in the permissions (if the user isn't there, add it, don't rely on Everyone , it doesn't always work and defeats the purpose of verifying the formatting.)




And don't forget the Security tab




If it still doesn't work you will need to verify the time is within 3 minutes (A requirement if the MFP is on HTTPs)

Gateway is correct, and firmware is up to date.



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Joe Arseneau
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XEROX 7830 Fax to SMB Problem

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i have some trouble to got fax to smb to work.


Shared Folder: Faxeingang$ ...tested via CMD und fine


Now the Settings:


SMB activated

Serveradress: 10.xx.xx.2 Port 445


Share: Faxeingang$


Path: ???? i tried \\SERVERNAME\Faxeingang    |    \\SERVERNAME\INTERN\Verwaltung\Faxeingang    |   \\10.xx.xx.2\Faxeingang


nothing works


and then the authenfication:   username\domain   | username only


cant get it to work.


i hope anyone can help me to fill in the correct items




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