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Re: Xerox 3220 permanently Connecting...

Hi LeroyK,
Thank you for using the Xerox forum.


Image quality issues are the most complicated because they can be caused by the application they were created in, or the device setup options, or a hardware problem. I have looked for common issues on this model and density is not one of them.


I understand it may sound simple but I have seen an amazing difference when the same file is printed on white or colored paper and we know that images will not show the same on White paper versus Colored paper.


Whenever you have image quality issues you will always want to set up the image on White paper.

You may wish to review the following Website details on color printing to understand more about color printing theory.


There following are a few things that could help improve the print density.

This user guide has details on how to make adjustments.


  • Print the bulletins on white stock to check if the density is the same?
  • Adjust the background which improves the contrast of image to blank areas.
  • Ensure that the Paper weight is set correctly because heavier paper requires different printer processing.
  • Try high & low resolutions.
  • Are you printing color or black text/images? Try to Print using the feature  "All Text To Black"

If that does not resolve your issue you may consider contacting our specific product support experts at the following link: Fast Track to the Expert who can check and resolve hardware problems that can cause light image.

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Xerox 3220 permanently Connecting...

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I have a WorkCentre 3220 that, on the copy function, just won't seem to make a copy that is satisfactorily dark.  I have the darkness setting to dark and it still will not make a satisfactorily dark copy.  Generally I am copying a laser printer original onto plain colored paper for the bulletins at my church.   Really is a frustrating process to try to get it dark enough for people to read.  We have always used Xerox toner cartridges but that does not seem to make a difference.  I've cycled the machine several times as well.


Any pointers?  Or is this just a common problem with this model?




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