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Re: Xerox 3325 can't scan A4


I just purchased the same printer and I have the same issue:
-Whenever I scan an A4 document through the ADF, the printer crops it and adds 2mm margins on each side.
-Whenever I print, the printer imposes 4 mm margins

As I am able to enlarge the scan selection area manually, I can see that the printer is able to scan the full A4 page without cropping (but then, it adds anyway these 2mm margins)

So, is there any way I can ask it to scan A4 without margins?
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Re: Xerox 3325 can't scan A4

Fast Track to the Expert => "" => "Proxy error"


"Solution : Select Print as Image From the Acrobat Product" => There are no problems in printing files.

"Solution : Select Copy Features" => I think the printer can't print without margins, then it will be 'correct' to cut the original paper's margins. All screenshots are from the pc software and I can select scan size when I use flatbed. The preview scanned image is already different from the original.


If I try to copy (default configs):




As in the ScanAssistant preview (screenshots), dadf crops more than flatbed.
Original: 1cm ("row" 's height), flatbed: 0,8cm (shifted) , dadf: 0,6cm.
This happens in the bottom margin too

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Re: Xerox 3325 can't scan A4

Thank you for using the Xerox forum.

I would suggest that you review the following solutions to see if they can help.



  • If you try to auto reduce the image to a smaller paper size, is the image still cut off. This could also help isolate the problem.

If these do not help resolve your issue, you may consider contacting our specific product support experts at the following link:

Fast Track to the Expert

Mitch Swetsky
Xerox Customer Tools & Social Media Moderator

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Xerox 3325 can't scan A4

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

If I scan an A4 (paper size) using DADF, it crops/losts about 0,5 cm top and bottom margins (pdf file). If I scan without ADF, it crops/losts a few less of about 0,5cm on the bottom margin.











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