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Re: Xerox 6605 Fax to email without printing on paper :)

Hi tmax.

Thank you for using the Support Forum.  I saw that you were also sharing information regarding Fax to Email on a similar topic:


The product knowledge base does have a solution that discusses Fax forward to e-mail:

Sol 11307 provides the steps to setup fax forward to e-mail.  According to step 6, the available forward options are: [Off], [Forward] (to another fax number), [Print and Forward] (again to another fax number), and [Print and Email]. This is a new feature with an upgraded firmware level that launched Jan 30/2013.

I suggest calling support at 800-835-6100 if you are unable to get the machine setup the way you desire.

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Xerox 6605 Fax to email without printing on paper :)

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With the new firmware revision is already workflow to email or folder ftp / smb but there is still one more thing.
When creating a fax to email flow can not be disabled to leave the fax on paper but we also get to a folder smb / ftp.
As you can disable the output on fax paper?
Greetings to all :)
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