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Re: Xerox 7345 stalls while trying to scan/send email in PDF

i think its because you maybe have searchabla pdf enabled? It takes a while to process it on the device

you can use better searchable pdf when doing network scanning


also always update the firmware to the latest version to be sure

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Xerox 7345 stalls while trying to scan/send email in PDF

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We use a 7345 Workcenter in our office and whenever we scan documents and have it sent to email, it can take up to several minutes for it to send and it will put printing jobs on hold until it is complete.


We often scan 11x17 documents into PDF and send via email and a stack of 10 pages might take a solid five minutes for it to send. It seems to just be stuck at 0% progress until it finally kicks into gear and sends, which then only takes a matter of seconds.


This sometimes then requires me to take the printer offline and bring it back online via the touch interface for it to print any waiting print jobs, which will print immediately after I do that. It seems like there's some sort of missing gear here to initiate the process of sending/printing. Once the printer begins sending, no problem, once it begins printing, again no problems.


Has anyone else experienced this with this model? Does anybody know what might be causing that and/or perhaps a way to expedite that process? I'm not sure if there are settings we should consider changing that might help. It seems like the machine should be able to handle these tasks quite easily.



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