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JDECA New Member
New Member

Xerox 7525 5745 templates pool automatic update

Hi all,


I tried to set up a pool of templates for workflow scanning using SMB.

The templates pool work as I can:

-Refresh the pool templates from the web interface

- Refresh the templates from the control panel on the copy machine


The problem is located with the automatic refresh that I have configured on both 5745 or 7525 copy machines but it does not work. It never refresh the list automatically.
I checked the time on these 2 machines and have configured the automatic update to occurs 5 minutes later (eg , it is 10.00 , the automatic update should occurs on 10.05) but nothing happens.

I do not have any error message or log files that should help me.

Is someone has already used this option ?








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Technical Escalation Support James067507-xrx
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Xerox 7525 5745 templates pool automatic update

Hello J,

Any scheduling in the printers needs to be at least 15 minutes in the future, I usually recommend 20 though.

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JDECA New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox 7525 5745 templates pool automatic update

Hello James,


Thank you for your answer. I just tested again following your recommendation by putting 30 minutes later (to be sure...) for the automatic update but it does not update the templates on the printer.
I checked on the printer and I saw that the automatic template update has occured at the time expected, but none of the templates that I have added or removed in the repository are updated on the printer.





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