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Xerox AltaLink C8045 Scan to Function

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Good Day,


I am having trouble configuring the scan to destination function of a new Xerox AltaLink C8045, the goal is to allow a user to scan to a network folder VIA SMB.


I already have to device configured with the Kerberos Server for users to log into, and I have created an entry in the address book for the "Scan to feature".  When I test destination from the web interface all sections pass and I can see that a file is made and deleted on my shared drive by looking at the date las modified time. 


The issue is when I try the function from the physical device, I am presented with the following error:  Conflicting Job Settings - Invalid path Specified.  Any idea what my problem is and why the destination test works from the Web interface but the function of the machine fails?


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Re: Xerox AltaLink C8045 Scan to Function

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It's a bug in the firmware, just update it

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