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Re: Xerox Colorqube 9301 Fault 391-612-00 and 091-615



The error code means that the printhead 3 or wave amplifier is dead. Better call an engineer.

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Xerox Colorqube 9301 Fault 391-612-00 and 091-615

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I have a Colorqube 9301 with approximately 200,000 prints and it is giving me lot of trouble getting it to print.  The error 091-612 appears, I've purged the head, reset the software and still the smae error.  At times it gets stuck in a software reeboot.  I've found the following fault happening regularly 391-612-00 Head 3 wave amp calibration error, this fault happens when the unit power cycles.  Any suggestions or instructions to update firmware/software/PEST?  I'm in an error with little access to support so I try to fix the issues myself.


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