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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Xerox Dataglyphs


  Thanks for joining the Xerox Support Community.  In regards to your question on Xerox Dataglyph technology,unfortunately I am not a Xerox support specialist.  Maybe there is somebody else in the community who has experience with Dataglyphs that they could share.



Brent Greer
Xerox Forums Administrator
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Re: Xerox Dataglyphs


Do you have any information about the Xerox Dataglyph Technology that you could email me with. Thx.

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Xerox Dataglyphs

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Is anyone currently using the Xerox Dataglyph technology yet? Our agency is currently looking into different bar coding methods to store more data than can traditionally fit into a standard 3 of 9 code and it would be helpful if we could get some feedback.:smileyhappy:

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