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Re: Xerox Machines and SMBv2/V3 Scanning Support

I received a super prompt reply.  Unfortunately it was basically "you're out of luck, use SMBv1 or get a new copier." Oh well.


Thanks again, Joe! At least we tried and got an official answer.



Hello Tom,


My name is [redacted] I am a member of the Xerox 2nd level escalation team and received ownership of this log from Joe. After reviewing the log details I see that the issue is with SMB Workflow Scanning no longer working. It states that the WannaCry patch has been applied to the server, and SMBv1 was disabled based on recommendation by Microsoft. As you are aware disabling SMBv1 was a workaround solution until a patch was created for this virus, the patch does not force SMBv1 to be disabled. I do understand why you decided to disable it though.


Unfortunately, direct from Engineering “The WC75xx only supports SMB version 1. This is a legacy product there are no plans to change this. We would not accept any spar for this capability.”


As noted above this device will not be receiving any additional updates to its firmware to have SMBv2 capability.


The recommended options going forward would be as follows:


  1. Enable SMBv1 on the Server
  2. Use FTP port rather than SMB for scanning
  3. Upgrade the device to a Connectkey Model or newer.


If you have any questions please let me know


Thank You