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Re: Xerox Phaser 8550 Problems/Errors

19,003.48: Scale and offset error is too large. The voltages measured have
more than a 20% error from their expected values. Something is wrong with
the Electronics Module or the Wave Amplifier.

To prevent these discharges, a Grounding Clip (P/N 650442700) was added
between the Y-Axis Motor mount and the Pick Clutch. Check that this clip is
installed and contacts the metallic portion of the Pick Clutch.

The Grounding Clip is factory installed in later versions of 8500/8550
models and in all 8560 models.

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Xerox Phaser 8550 Problems/Errors

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Have an Xerox Phaser 8550 here. I know someone tried to do some work on fixing it here at my office and put the Maintenenace kit in it and it still showed errors and I am guessing that is why they stopped working on it. Now im taking this project up on my own in the office and trying to get this thing printing again.


So far all I get out of it after warming up is the red light and error on the screen reading,

' 19,003.48.83104 .'


It seams like on its own it trys to print a paper and there are random ink blotches (10-12) on it and sometimes it just gets jammed inside.


I tried hitting the back button and ? button simultaniously to get into the service menu and i tried resetting a couple different things, but to no avail.



Anyone care to help and possibly tell me what this error means before I spend $25 on a service call or $200 on a printer tech to come out.



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