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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Xerox Print and Scan Experience seems to seize clipboard on hitting "Scan" for the fir

You may have to call into support on this one, I don't have a machine for testing nor do I see these in the field a bunch to offer any additional guidance. Hope someone can come and help.

Thank you,
Jordan R.
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New Member

Xerox Print and Scan Experience seems to seize clipboard on hitting "Scan" for the first time

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 11

Reproduced on Win11 Pro 21H2 and a Win10 Pro 21H2 machine using Xerox Print and Scan Experience.

First noticed a week or two ago. When first hitting the Scan option in Print and Scan users lose the ability to paste from their clipboard until copying something again.

User copies generic text to send out an invoice and pastes into an email/word file/notepad.
User hits scan on Xerox Print and Scan, saves pdf, and attaches to e-mail, sends e-mail.
User opens a new email/word file/notepad, gets an error sound when trying to paste the previously copied text.

In testing, it's when hitting scan (or using the preset scan to doc/photo) when the user loses the ability to paste. If they stay in the scanning menu (hitting continue and either scan more or cancel and rescan) anything they copy after the initial press of the Scan button stays active in the clipboard.

Have tried disabling preview/edit and making sure scan to clipboard is not configured as default.

Is the initial seizing of the clipboard by design? Is there a way to disable it so end users can go back to happily copying and pasting across multiple emails/documents?

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