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Xerox Scan Utility / Phaser 8560 MFP Issues

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I've been working through some scan issues on a pair of systems for a few days now and could use a hand finding a workaround for System #2.


System #1: Intel T7500, 2 GB running Vista Home Premium (32 bit) w/SP2.

System #2: Intel Q740, 4 GB running Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) w/SP1.




1. Attempted to install USB print & scan drivers from Phaser 8560 MFP Software & Documentation CD-ROM.  Both failed.


2. Downloaded and installed Vista USB print driver from  Success.


3. Downloaded and installed Vista USB scan driver from  Failure: setting "Scan To:" to "USB" on the 8560's control panel and initiating a scan from same did not result in visible thumbnails in Xerox Scan Utility nor would the Scan Utility send scans directly to any folder.  Dozens of permutations of settings on the 8560 & in the Scan Utility failed to rectify either problem.


4. Copied Phaser 8560MFP/Utility/Scanner folder from Phaser 8560 MFP Software & Documentation CD-ROM to desktop.  Ran ScanUSB.exe on desktop to unpack folder contents. 


5. Killed copy of Xerox Scan Utility started at boot & ran Desktop/Utility/Scanner/x85xzpui.exe instead.  Success, the desktop copy of the Xerox Scan Utility was able to receive data from the 8560's scanner via a USB connection and did (eventually) display thumbnails & allow subsequent manual saving of scanned documents to local folders. Flakey but operable.


6. Deleted entire Desktop/Utility folder & rebooted system.  Success: the version of the Xerox Scan Utility previously installed by Xerox's installer is now able to receive scans via a USB connection, displays them as thumbnails & allows user to manually save them to local folders on the PC.  Operation is a bit flakey but the quirks are identical to those I experienced in step 5.




1. Downloaded & installed 64-bit USB print driver from  Success.


2. Downloaded & installed 64-bit USB scan driver from Failure: set 8560 to scan to USB & initiated scan from 8560 control panel.  No thumbnails or scanning directly to folders from the Xerox Scan Utility.  The 8560 sppears to scan but the resullting document never appears in the Xerox Scan Utility.  Problem appears identical to that experienced in step 3 with System 1.




The USB scan driver packages for Vista & Windows 7 distributed via seem to be deficient.  Neither the Vista nor the Windows 7 package allowed scanning upon install.  Vista was rescued by manually copying & running software not directly installable from the CD-ROM included with the 8560, unfortunately this does not appear to be an option for the Windows 7 machine for which I require 64 bit drivers (I presume the software on the included CD-ROM is for legacy 32-bit systems).




1. Profiles created via the Xerox Scan Utility flash briefly on the 8560's display when the Scan Utility is loaded upon booting the PC but seem to be unavailable thereafter. 


2. Selecting a profile created with the Xerox Scan Utility at the time the PC is booted has no impact (even if scans are initiated immediately).  Scans are never delivered directly to folders if that option is part of the selected profile and the scan settings are those visible on the 8560's panel not those set by the Scan Utility's profile (alternately the selected scan profile fails to alter the 8560's settings).


3. Thumbnail images never automatically load in the Scan Utility but instead appear in the Scan to Email & Copy to Folder tabs only after the Scan Utility has been closed & reopened.  Note that the behavior is idential whether the Scan Utility is closed via its own Close button or if it is killed via the Exit choice from the right-click context menu.  I tried multiple scans, allowing an hour or so after scans, etc., but nothing short of closing & re-opening the Scan Utility will cause the thumbnails of scanned documents to appear.


4. Once the thumbnails of scanned documents do appear they cannot be deleted unless a user-defined profile is selected from the Email Profiles dropdown on the Scan to Email tab or unless a user-defined profile is selected from the Folder Profiles dropdown on the Copy to Folder tab.  In each case the Delete Scanned Image button is active if thumbnails are present and thumbnails appear to be deleted but if the deletion is accomplished from a tab where the default <New Saved Profile Name> choice is visible in the relevant Profile box the deleted documents will reappear the next time the Xerox Scan Utility is started.




1. Given the apparently incomplete nature of the downloadable drivers offered on how can I get the scanner working on System 2 (the 64 bit machine)?


2. Any comments on the operational issues?  Very annoying that the profiles defined in the Scan Utility don't work, only slightly less so that this makes scanning directly to a folder apparently impossible. 

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