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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Xerox Versalink C405DN, cannot get it to scan, mac osx high sierra

018-505 is a login failure, so it is not in any way an issue of reaching the Mac itself.


In this case, it could be that the username or password is wrong (actual login failure)

Or it could be that the Share can't be found (Nothing to log into)


And of course it could easily be the firmware, since the one I linked (as step 2) in the thread you refer to is newer than the General release firmware you went and pulled from the driver page.


As for a space in the User/Pass on the Mac, I am not sure on that, it should not be an issue, but it might be anyway, it would take no time at all to simply create a Mac user with full priveledges that is simply User= Scan password = JoeTest to discount it as being the problem (Of course you would need to add it to the folder permissions and reboot (The Mac) before doing the scan







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Joe Arseneau
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Xerox Versalink C405DN, cannot get it to scan, mac osx high sierra

Product Name: VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer



First time post here, so go easy on me.


Installation / Printing


Installed a new Xerox Versalink C405DN printer via wifi.

I visited the xerox website and got the software for it from here


a) Mac OS Common Print Driver Installer

b) ica scan driver

c) twain scan driver


Installed (a) on new macbook pro running OSX 10.13.2 High sierra and another macbook pro osx 10.13.4 high sierra

It prints fine via wifi. so far so good!.




Eventually by trial an error I managed to get the firmware to update from

68.3.71 (dated 14/3/17) to 68.21.61


A tip for anyone else, on the xerox site pretend you have OSX 10.12 Sierra (Then the download site WILL show you the latest firmware)


d) Versalink C405 General Release 68.21.61 (Firmware)


Scanning (The original reason for this posting)



I've set up hundreds of printers on windows machines, but mac is not my forte.


I am suprised there doesn't seem to be a way of running an application on the mac, then handles the scanning (like epson scan, canon scan etc). (I could be wrong?). I tried some third party software called vuescan that says it supports this printer

But that refused to see the printer.


I noticed the pdf manual section 2-23 says: (but I don't see scan installer.dmg on the xerox website)



Installing Scan Drivers for Macintosh
1. Insert the Software and Documentation disc into your computer.
2. To view the .dmg file for your printer, double-click the Disc icon on your desktop .
3. Open the Scan Installer.dmg file, then navigate to the appropriate installer file for your operating
4. Open the Scan Installer package file.
5. To acknowledge the warning and introductory messages, click Continue.
6. To accept the license agreement, click Continue, then click Agree.
7. To accept the current installation location, click Install, or select another location for the installation
files, then click Install.
8. Enter your password, then click OK.
9. Select your printer then click Continue.
10. In the list of discovered printers, click Continue Installation.
11. To restart, click Log Out.



It appears the only way to scan is via the LCD panel. Using the "Scan to" app.


4:32 in the manual mentions


Sharing a Folder in Macintosh OS X Version 10.7 and Later
1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
2. From the Internet & Wireless menu, select Sharing.
3. From the Service menu, select File Sharing.
4. Under Shared Folders, click the Plus icon (+).
5. Browse to the folder that you want to share on the network, then click Add.
6. To modify access rights for your folder, select the folder. The groups activate.
7. From the Users list, click Everyone, then use the arrows to select Read & Write.
8. Click Options.
9. To share the folder, select Share files and folders using SMB.
10. To share the folder with specific users, next to the user name, select On.
11. Click Done.
12. Close the System Preferences window.



So I followed these instructions. to set up a SMB shared folder on one of the macbooks


Then section 4:35 of the manual:


Adding an SMB Folder as an Address Book Entry from the Embedded Web Server
1. At your computer, open a Web browser. In the address field, type the IP address of the printer, then
press Enter or Return.
If you do not know the IP address for your printer, refer to Finding the IP Address of Your Printer.
2. Click Address Book, then click Add Contact.
3. For Network (SMB), click the Plus icon (+), then enter the following information:
• Nickname: Enter the name that you want to appear in the Address Book.
• Type: Select the network connection type.
• IP Address: Port / Host Name: Port or IPv6 Address/Prefix : Port: The option selected under
Type determines which option displays in this field. Enter the IP address of your computer, then
enter the default port number.
• Share: Enter a name for the directory or folder. For example, to save scanned files to a shared
folder named scans, type scans.
• Document Path: Enter the path of the folder on the SMB server. For example, to save the scanned
files to a folder named colorscans inside the scans folder, type colorscans.
• Login Name: Enter your computer user name.
• Password: Enter your computer login password.
• Retype Password: Enter your login password again.
4. To save your network information, click OK.
5. To save your contact, click OK.



So I did that by visiting the IP (or something like xc123456.local) address of the printer, this lets me login to the printer and see the printers control panel/settings.


I add an "address book" entry, that has


nickname: JoeScan

Type: ipv4

ip address: port: (thanks to another posting that said to change it from 139 to 445)

Share: Scans

Document path: blank

Login name: User name of the macbook (it does have spaces in it, is that an issue?)

password: for the macbook

retype password: for the macbook


Then via the LCD panel on the printer:

Scan to: > network appears to look for shared folders, then errors)

Scan to: > contact/address book> JoeScan > the scanner scans the paper, then it errors:




Scan to Job: 00287

Completed (Error) 018-505

Unable to log in to SMB server. Check user name and password


Submitted by

Guest User

date & time


Xerox Scan



I have spent hours on this (I like a challenge) but it has me beaten.

I feel an am this close (shows small amount with fingers!).




- maybe this is NOT how you scan to a mac

- I could just be the mac username needs changing to 8 characters with no spaces?

how do I find the exact mac username?

- maybe it's a firewall on the mac blocking port 445?


Before posting I've read this (amongst others).


I've not tried the terminal thing:


Open the Terminal app, which is in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.
Type sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDCand press Return.
Enter your administrator password and press Return.
Quit the Terminal app.


Any help would be most welcome. Sorry for the long post.


Thanks Very Much


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