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tray1empty Member

Xerox WCPro232 CWIS


I have been battling this issue on and off for months now and am really frustrated. I simply cannot gain access to the CWIS on my Xerox Workcentre Pro 232. I am running Windows 8.1 64bit using the Xerox Global print driver software. I can print and copy completely fine with the machine, but ultimately want command and control of network scanning. But neither Firefox nor IE browsers let me into the CWIS via IP addressing. All variations used, with the prefix http: with using index.dhtml after the IP too. I reset the network controller, I used different IP's, I have done just about everything imaginable and I am beyond myself now. It just does not make any sense.

I bought this printer on a local auction site, it was at a nearby community college and the config sheet still bears the smtp email settings there.


Here is the message I get all day long:


Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.


I have disabled firewalls, reconfigured the router, open and closed ports, its maddening.


What else could I possible be? Some I have talked to say that a Xerox dude needs to flash the drive. What is that?

I've even taken the battery out of the logic board overnight hoping to lobamize the dam thing.


I want to upgrade the firmware too and cannot seem to locate the file here on the Xerox download tab either, even though a Xerox tech instructed me to do so.


What gives? PLEASE HELP!!!!


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Technical Escalation Support James067507-xrx
Technical Escalation Support

Re: Xerox WCPro232 CWIS



Is http enabled? If not here's how.


Here is a link to the newest firmware for the device, make sure the match up the download with the same series as your current firmware level.






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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Xerox WCPro232 CWIS


This device can only be reset by a Xerox technician, or someone who has the right software at the least. It involves connecting via laptop to the device and running a specialized software to do so. Since the machine is out of contract and out of developement, I'm not sure what you can do on that front.


It sounds like port 80 and 443 are blocked by something on the device. To check, try Telnetting to those 2 ports to see if either is active.


If 80 is active it would be

If 443 it would be


From your post history I see that the resets have been done, and PC/Network testing as well. To just eliminate the network from being a thing, hook a laptop up directly via crossover, just make sure the printer is set to a manual IP address (Static), connect the 2 devices with a crossover cable and set the laptop to





If the printer is not currently using a static IP, make it the following






If you can't get connected in this setup it is not an issue with Cables, or Routers/Modems etc etc.


There is the possibility that someone at the university changed the port the webui uses to a non-default in order to secure the device from being modified. You would then need to find open ports on it's IP and keep trying until you find one that will work.


Google search for port scan


There is also the possibility that it was setup to block all connections to the web interface with exception to a chosen one or few. If this is the case, I can think of nothing beyond having the device professionally reset to fix it, or guessing the correct IP they whitelisted.


Last ditch-effort, give an ancient Portable Firefox a shot at opening it in case it has a broken, shortened ssl certificate. (Think Firefox 2)

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tray1empty Member

Re: Xerox WCPro232 CWIS

in response to James067507:


HTTP/IPP is enabled, and this was suggested before in prior posts too as a solution and its not the problem.


thanks for replying though.

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tray1empty Member

Re: Xerox WCPro232 CWIS

you rock, Joe053204. thanks, just the kind of insight I was looking for.


this is probably the reality of the situation, I'm never gonna get in. It's unfortunate, I was trying to be a savvy and scrappy self employed person and wanted an 11x17 scanner on the cheap.

I am dismayed that the only possiblity of calling a Xerox tech to reset the device might be one of the last resorts I have. Even more, when I call for a service appt. only to cough up $300 for a trip charge, and getting no insight ahead of the service call and no garantee the device can be unlocked so to speak by a xerox professional, really leaves this device to be the hulk of scrap metal. You mention the device is out of contract and out of development, its essentially, to Xerox, an archiac POS that you can't make money on anymore thus provide little to no extended support.

In this day an age of extending the life of a machine like this, wouldn't it be prudent to give bottom feeders like me a chance to unlock this device on the secondary market and rack it up for being eco-friendly? with all rhetoric aside, this is shameful.


Why is it so secretive that "specialized software" only by a Xerox tech? C'mon! Give the machine a second life!


I went right for what ports are open and closed with the Advanced Port software tool. All 67 ports on this IP appear shut down, no inlets to the device. The other alternatives with the 80 port and the 443 secure turn up the same result. Next to the crossover cable routinue (of which I may try as a last resort) this will be my last hurrah.


The decision will be to put this Xerox out to pasture, or to just go and find another 11x17 scanner and spend my $300 with someone other than Xerox.


Can you not make available to us geeks the "specialized software" or the ability to override the logic board somehow?


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DanPic New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox WCPro232 CWIS

I can add to that threath that I've seen a problem accessing a printer through HTTP or HTTPS after changing the IP from DHCP to Static. 

There is no answer from HTTP even though XDM is reporting that HTTP is enabled. What I've seen is that the ports are closed. This is why the printer is not communicating. (nmap was used to scan the ports)

Cycling the power or cycling the HTTP protocol on and off sometimes works but not all the time. ALTBOOT is required as a final solution.



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