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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox Work center 7655 Faxing issue.

you want to change the fax number on the machine? you have todo this through the UI tools on the machine itself by loggin into the tools with admin / 1111


dont think you can change it in the webinterface..

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Xerox Work center 7655 Faxing issue.

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I'm pretty new to xerox copiers, we have 5 xerox copiers in our building each connected to analog cable for faxing purposes. for some reasons there is a confusion in Faxing numbers we have 3 Xerox copiers are required to put 9 xxx-xxx-xxxx infront of the fax number in order to fax the documents from the copier itself or from the computers , I have an admin rights to configure those copiers but I'm not being able to check the fax services configuratin. 

Please HELP :) .





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