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Xerox WorkCentre 6027 Scan to Network- 031-534 Error


I was hoping for some help!  I have been trying to set up our new Xerox Computer and I got the Printer working and on the Network but trying to get the Scan to Network to work!  Can you help?


I have Setup my Shared Folder and have it set to share with everyone.  Looks like its connecting to the computer but I am getting error 031-534 stating Create Folder Error.


I have these filled In 

Name of Shared Directory: Scans

Subdirectory Path (optional):  C:\Users\MMAutry\Desktop\Scans



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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Xerox WorkCentre 6027 Scan to Network- 031-534 Error

This is very wrong, get rid of the whole line "Subdirectory Path (optional):  C:\Users\MMAutry\Desktop\Scans"


Leave everything else the same


The reason is this, the printer looks at the settings in order, so it reaches out by SMB to the IP/Hostname of the PC and looks at what is shared via SMB, Assuming you have the actual Scans folder shared, it will be there, so that is all you need in the Shared Directory The Subdirectory is optional, and builds off the share above, there is no C:\Users\MMAutry\Desktop\Scans, there can't be, because windows won't even allow you to create a folder with c: in it, and drive letters do not exist in network shares, they are completely irrelevant. If you had more folders within the Scans folder, the subdirectory would be those.


So If Scans is shared , you see it as C:\Users\MMAutry\Desktop\Scans on your computer, but on the network, it would be seen as smb:\\\Scans <IP address used only as an example)


But... If you put another folder within Scans called Mary and then inside Mary , you made another called Stuffs

It would show on your PC as C:\Users\MMAutry\Desktop\Scans\Mary\Stuffs

And on the network it would be smb:\\\Scans\Mary\Stuffs


So in this totally un-needed and completely un-asked for example I am using as a teaching example, it would be set up like:


Name of Shared Directory: Scans

Subdirectory Path (optional):  Mary\Stuffs


I would suggest putting the "scans" folder on the root of the drive, sharing it there and then sending a shortcut to it to your desktop, the reason is that due to it being on the Desktop, it's within your profile, meaning it is not available when you are not signed in, where if it were on the root of the drive (c:\scans) it would be available to anyone who has a login no matter your signed in state

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Joe Arseneau
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